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The Types and Varieties of Christmas Tree Lights

One of the most favourite times of the year is Christmas – for almost everyone! One of children’s greatest enjoyments is looking at all the Christmas lights that are used to decorate everything from lampposts to trees and from houses to shrubs. Some have even been known to decorate garden fixtures such as parked cars and fences with Christmas lights. It is a joyous time of year and world-wide the celebration is known by all the lights and decorations everywhere. There are so many varieties and types of Christmas tree lights and one might not know where to start!


Christmas tree lights, or fairy lights as known in the UK, have only been around for a couple hundred years, though the first lights to decorate trees were not electric, but flame. Technology evolving as it has, not only are we able to decorate with electric bulbs now but now private individuals are able to decorate their own homes with little expense. Initially Christmas lights were such a high expense that only commercial owners and the government could afford to light up their properties.

Currently there are many varieties and types of Christmas tree lights. They come in assorted sizes, shapes, colours, textures, lengths, and purposes. Christmas tree lights now come in two different types of bulbs: the traditional incandescent bulbs and the newer LED lights.


The incandescent bulbs rely on a filament to keep them lit and that produces the problem; these types of bulbs break easily and don’t last very long. The newer LED lights don’t have a filament inside and though they are more expensive in the initial purchase the long term savings on power and bulbs is long lasting. Another plus to purchasing the newer LED lights is that if one bulb breaks the entire string of lights doesn’t go out. Only the broken bulb is affected.

The original colour of Christmas tree lights was just white. There are multiple choices of lights available now. The usual choices are white, red, yellow, blue and green, though with a little work you can also find pink, orange and purple. The sizes vary too; miniature, large, large globe and traditional. The shapes are no longer just one choice either. Today you can find the traditional shape of an artificial flame; novelty shapes such as candy canes, miniature snowmen, and snowflakes; be on the lookout for new shapes coming out each year, too.

After all this talk about Christmas - it is time to get out there and have some fun and decorate with Christmas lights!

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