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The UK Christmas World 5 Christmas Decoration Essentials.

Decorating your Christmas tree is often the highlight of the holiday season. However, if you do not plan the job right, you can spend several frustrating hours on something that will needlessly test your patience. Here are 5 essentials that you must have for your Christmas decoration day.

The first is of course the Christmas tree itself. There are several versions you can choose – a real tree or an artificial one. You could also go in for one that comes with all the decorations done, or you could choose to make a family event out of it. Setting up the lights and putting up the decorations can be so much fun.

Christmas tree ornaments are another essential. Many people choose to stick to the colour scheme of red, green and gold each year. But you could try something different, how about a blue and silver or a red and gold or even a tree with white decorations reminiscent of the gentle snow falling outside. All of these schemes will have to be thought out before-hand.
With the tree done, you need to add elements to the house that bring out the Christmas festivity. Table decorations are definitely needed. And these can be candles, wreathes, acorn bundles, mistletoe, holly and more. Put them on the table, on window sills, on your mantle, above your fireplace and just about any space that you can find.

Get yourself a lot of ivy and holly. You can use these to fill in spaces, around candles, wreathes, to cover up small spaces around the decoration of the house etc. You could even add some to the crib that you may have built. You could also add in some hay to get the actual feel of the manger. Having Yule log added to your family fireplace can complete the picture of décor.

There are several other elements that have found their way to traditional Christmas décor – hanging up stockings for each member of the family. Putting up the angel or the Star of David at the top of the tree, stuffing in little balls of white cotton to factor in snow and so much more.

And with all this in place you can also have some great Christmas carols playing the background. It brings about a total spirit of the season. You could also throw in some traditional snacks and savouries and you will have a fantastic holiday atmosphere going on.

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