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The World's Tallest Snowmen

Snowmen are traditionally built throughout winter with more of them being built around Christmas than any other time. Although building snowmen can be a lot of fun often as a society we can become a bit competitive whilst doing so.

Here’s a list of some of the world’s largest snowmen (and women) ever built and on record.

snowman with yellow scarf

In Bethel, Maine, USA Robin Zinchuk went about building the world’s tallest snowman, the like sof which hasn’t been seen since. On the 24th of January 2008 Zinchuk and a group of residents from nearby towns began to build Bethel, the tallest snow woman on record. Bethel measured at 122 feet and 1 inch tall which is approximately 37.21 metres tall. The residents built Bethel over the space of one month, completing her on 26 February 2008.


Angus, King of the Mountain was also built in Bethel, Maine, USA but Angus only measured up to 113 feet and 7 inches (about 34 meters) which is almost 10 feet shorter than that of his rival Bethel. Angus was created in 1999 and took 15 days to build, however Angus was so tall that his eyes and mouth had to be made from black truck tyres and the scarf that he wore was more than 120 feet long as it had to wrap around his colossal head.

In London, Ontario in Canada on the 29th December 2012, Bob Mann built a snowman of 20 feet tall, whilst this is less than a sixth of the Bethel’s height Mann’s snowman was still of monstrous proportions. The snowman was built within the front garden of Bob Mann’s home in London and its hat was fashioned out of a 20-litre pail whilst its scarf was crafted from 4 ordinary scarves sewn together.

Jim Ransom and Karina Jacques built an 18 foot tall snowman within the space of two weeks, the one side of the snowman was made traditionally with button eyes and a carrot nose, however the snow creature also had a feminine side. The other half of the Ransom & Jacques creation was a snow woman crafted to look like a hula dancer with a grass skirt and red bra.

Whilst the Snowman in Washington Heights might not be the largest in our list it’s still taller than your average frosty. The snowman built in Washington Heights on the 10th of February 2013 was ten feet tall and happened to be so large that it prevented the snow surrounding it from melting rapidly, it’s suggested that this may be due to the size of the snowman. The evidence provided by the snowman inspired spokesmen Roy Stokes to claim that building snowmen would prevent an overflow in the sewers due to the accelerated melting of the snow.

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