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Three Films to Cosy Up with this Christmas

With winter drawing closer and poor weather on its way, more and more of us are deciding to stay indoors instead of braving the cold. Although staying home does pose several disadvantages – one of these being a lack of entertainment. To make up for the lack of indoor activities that you can take part in we’ve provided you with a guide to our three favourite films to cosy up with this Christmas.

Couple sat on sofa at christmas eating popcorn

#3 - Home Alone

Our third favourite movie for you to cosy up with during the lead up to Christmas is Home Alone. In this film the Mcallister family are preparing for a Christmas vacation when one of the children, Kevin, has an argument with his brother, Buzz. Kevin is sent to his room due to his poor attitude and is quickly forgotten about, this leads to Kevin being left in the house alone over the Christmas period.

During the time that Kevin spends alone at his home a team of burglars, Harry and Marv, attempt to steal the family’s possessions. Realising that his house is under threat, Kevin reacts by setting up a number of bobby traps in order to protect his home and catch the criminals.


home alone house at dusk

#2 - The Polar Express

The second film in our list of favourite Christmas movies to stay in with is The Polar Express. The Polar Express is a film based on a novel by Chris Van Allsburg and directed by Robert Zemeckis. The film begins with a young boy lay awake in his bed, listening keenly for the bells on Santa’s sleigh. As the clock nears midnight the boy’s room begins to shake and a mysterious and magical train pulls up outside his house.

The young boy decides to investigate and rushes out to greet the conductor of the train, where he is informed that the train before him is the Polar Express and it’s on its way to the North Pole. At the last minute the boy decides that he is going to board the train in an attempt to determine whether or not Santa is real – although there are complications along the way that put the other passengers, and his quest, at risk.

polar express train in the snow

#1 – Elf

#1 on our list is Elf. Elf is a very entertaining film about a boy named Buddy that grew up in an orphanage before climbing into Santa’s sleigh and sneaking into the North Pole. Once Buddy arrives at the North Pole he is permitted to stay and grows up amongst the elves with his adopted elf parents.

As Buddy grows older and matures into a man it becomes increasingly apparent that he is of human origin and does not belong with the elves or Santa; so he is sent to the city of New York in order to meet his biological father, and his father’s family. Although Buddy enjoys his adventures in New York, his interference in his father’s career leads to a difficult decision.

buddy the elf and jovie Pop! action figures in the snow


Don’t forget to stock up on your sweet and salty snacks so that you have everything you need for the perfect night in. For more information on festive entertainment and Christmas celebrations and decorations, you can get in touch with us here at UK Christmas World, we’d be happy to help.

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