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Time To Light Up Your Valentine's Day

Hold on guys, before you think about putting your Christmas lights away in the dusty loft for another 11 months have you considered the fact that they can actually be used all year round? That's right, Christmas lights all year! 

We're not talking about having a window silhouette of Santa in the living room nor drapping icicle lights from the front of your house. We're talking more subtle ideas such as using a set of battery powered lights to light up a vase or a bowl on a table top or counter. Making use of the led candles to light up drab and dark hallways. The list is really endless. Hey, you can even make use of those icicle lights you used on the front of your home this Christmas to light up and add some real character to your outdoor patio area or gazebo. 

With Valentine's Day coming up in a few weeks, we're happy to say that we have gone through our entire range of lights and decorations and have hand selected what we're calling our 'romance range'. Cheesy, yes maybe but that's what Valentine's Day is all about. Here you will find some great lights which can not only be used all year round as a simple decoration but they are perfect for Valentine's Day. 


From hanging love heart led wreaths, bright and cheerful led lights to real wax led candles. These candles really are great, after all what sets a romantic evening off more so than a room full of lovely candles. What's great about these is that although they are made from real wax, there is no 'real' flame per say, it's just illuminated by a string of led lights. Making them 100% safe if they get knocked over... 


For more ideal Valentine's Day ideas to help create your romantic evening evening with your partner make sure to check out our full range of Valentine's Day gift ideas and lights

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