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Top 6 Christmas Flowers Used Around The Home At Christmas

Christmas is a time of the year which not only bring joy and happiness to millions across the world it also brings a wide range of colour to those drab dull winter months. Living over here in the UK we are all too familiar with those cold and wet winter weeks in December as we tend not to be blessed with crisp fresh white snow each year. Yes, we love to drape our homes in lovely LED Christmas lights to brighten things up, but there are other ways that this can be accomplished and that's with flowers, not only do they look and smell amazing they also bring a sense of warmth into our homes at Christmas time.

Poinsettia Christmas Flowers

Here are a selection flowers and plants which tend to be popular around the Christmas period.


One of the if not the most popular of Christmas flowers. You will have seen them all over the shops during the months of November and December. Originally dating back to the ancient Aztecs, this bright and fragrant flower was a symbol of purity and is actually known as the Christmas Flower in North America. 

poinsettia potted plants on a table

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus or the Orchid Cactus is not as well known for its traditional appearance around Christmas time. Although it very often blooms around Christmas time it can be somewhat tough to find in local shops and is more commonly found in speciality florists. One great thing about the Christmas Cactus is that its stems are fantastic when it comes to making those Christmas hampers and hanging baskets.

Christmas Rose

Considered by may to the 'true' Christmas flower, the Christmas Rose also known as the Snow Rose or even a white rose is very popular in many areas of the globe at Christmas time. Originating in the topical areas of Asia this beautiful flower often blooms during the Winter months.


Up there with the most common plant associated with Christmas is the Holly. Holly is generally used as decoration in many homes and is used on Christmas wreaths or hung on doors. It is also very common to see Christmas holly placed at the top of Christmas puddings on Christmas day for the very traditional look.

a branch of christmas holly


Like most of the other Christmas flowers, ivy leaves symbolize eternity and resurrection. The ivy leaf has been associated with the Egyptian God, Osiris, and the Greco-Roman god, Attis; both of whom were resurrected from the dead.


Well, we are all familiar with Mistletoe; it is also one of the most common plant associated with Christmas. The common tradition at Christmas time is for you to exchange a kiss with a loved one, friend or family member under the leaves of a bunch of Mistletoe.

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