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Top Christmas Present Ideas for Adults This Christmas

With only 4 more pay days until Christmas (unless you’re paid weekly) then most of us are starting to think about buying bits and bobs ready for Christmas. Instead of the usual socks and shower gel, by the end of this blog you’ll be feeling festive and inspired to start your Christmas shopping!

Depending on your budget, we’ve found something for everyone, whether you have an uncle who loves gadgets, a sister who adores wine or a mother in law who wants to be the next Mary Berry; we're sure you’ll find something for everyone.

The men’s beard bib will make a perfect present for all your male family and friends who love a bit of home grooming. The bib simply fits like a baby bib and then the suckers allow the bib to be attached to a mirror or a tiled surface. The bib catches all the loose hairs from beard trimming; it can then be easily disposed of without clogging plug holes and making a mess everywhere in the bathroom. Prices start from around £17.49 depending on where you shop.

For all us ladies who fancy a strong drink whilst out and about, then the wine handbag will be perfect! They can vary on the amounts they can hold, we found the majority can carry 1.5 litres of your favourite tipple. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes this will enable your beverage bag to be stylish and well disguised. Prices start from around £30 and will be a fantastic investment, I’m sure it will be much appreciated.

We all love a cooked breakfast but we despise the washing up afterwards. So much mess and so many pans for just one meal! However, not anymore! We’ve found the ideal kitchen gadget which will save you time, washing up liquid and space in your cupboard. The multi section frying/ griddle pan; enables you to cook a full English breakfast in just one pan! There are a number of different brands on the market and vary in price, ranging from around £12 up to about £50 so there is something to suit everyone’s budget.

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular fantasy TV series on our screens at the moment with a strong international fan base who love the shows merchandise. We saw Game of Thrones Monopoly which for many of us combines our favourite TV series and favourite old school board game. Prices start from around £25 on Amazon and vary in price quite a bit depending on which variation/ limited edition you choose.


Doormats are a popular feature all year round and add a homely touch regardless of the time of year. How about a Christmas door mat? Our online UK Christmas World shop stocks a large variety of home accessories and seasonal Doormats starting from £6.99. A bargain price for a practical Christmas home gift.

We all love the smell of a bacon sandwich cooking on a Sunday morning, but how about purchasing some bacon toothpaste? We came across this novelty gift for all bacon lovers whilst searching for stocking fillers! There was quite a large selection of bacon goodies whether you fancy some bacon jam, bacon soap or some bacon lip balm you’ll be spoilt for choice.

One Christmas present idea we did keep coming across were men’s lunch boxes! Girls love a pretty floral lunch bag, but sometime we forget about men’s tupperware and often end up sending them off to work with their lunch in an ice cream tub! However, we’ve found some fantastic ideas to send our hubbies, brothers and boyfriends to work with a lunchbox they’ll love!

We saw a retro Family Guy tin lunchbox with clasp fastenings, along with a football club cool bag in the shape of a specific team cool bag. We also came across a selection of Mr Men lunch bags, please make sure they take the joke though as we don’t want you getting into any trouble for purchasing them a Mr Grumpy one.

We’ve all heard about the health benefits of quinoa, well no one will want a bag of that for Christmas, however they might like a bottle of quinoa vodka. The quinoa vodka has a light, fruity taste with slight notes of vanilla and becomes slightly nutty tasting when poured over ice. After reading the online reviews it appears it goes well in an espresso martini and quinoa is noted as a food with health benefits, so it must be good for us, right?
Bottles start from around £25 but will vary depending on the size of the bottle, however we must stipulate the importance of drinking responsibly, even during the seasonal festivities. 

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