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Top Tips on Decorating your Home in Time for Christmas

Although many of us have plenty of practice when it comes to decorating our homes for Christmas and the festive period ahead, how many of us go the whole hog and put up as many decorations in as many Christmas colours as we can? The answer is not many of us - so this year we suggest that you make a change and unleash your festive spirit by utilising each and every one of these decorations to make your home as festive as humanly possible!

Christmas baubles on Christmas Tree

Christmas Cards

One of the first decorations that you should put up as it’s one of the simplest and requires the least effort is to attach a length of red string to a wall within your living room or dining room and hang your Christmas cards on it. You can also purchase objects that are specifically made to hold Christmas cards so you can reuse this object every year if you do not wish to use something as simple as string.



Wreaths are also a very simple decoration and it’s difficult to take the decorations a step too far when you use only very simple or modest decorations. On the other hand we advise that you do not purchase a real or natural wreath due to the fact that if they have not been made correctly they can begin to shed their needles and can also host a variety of different fungi.

The best type of wreath for you to use over and over again is an artificial wreath as it means that you do not have to throw it away once the festive period has passed.

christmas wreath hanging on door with gold bow and warm white lights


Stockings are not as popular as they used to be due to the fact that most of us purchase presents that are too big to fit into a stocking. However stockings can be very decorative, especially when they are hung from a fireplace or from the end of a bed.

To ensure that member of your family are not disappointed when they come to look in the stockings on the morning of Christmas you could place small gifts in them. These gifts are traditionally items such as fruit or sweets – if you’re going to place fruit in the stocking wait until Christmas Eve to do so!


Christmas/Fairy Lights

Christmas lights or fairy lights are an ideal way of decorating your home; however there have been many health and safety concerns over the excessive use of Christmas lights. If you are going to use Christmas lights throughout your home do not overload the power socket and do not leave your Christmas lights on for extended periods of time as it’s believed that this is one of the common causes of house fires during the festive period.


Christmas Tree

Each and every house that’s celebrating Christmas this year needs to have a Christmas tree! There are many ways in which you can decorate this tree and every family has their own way of doing it; although some of the common decorations that are placed on Christmas trees include Christmas lights, tinsel and baubles.

You can also place chocolate treats on your Christmas tree although they’re often eaten within the first few days. Some areas of the world see it as a tradition to place either a star or an angel at the top of their tree to represent the star that guided the three wise men or the angel Gabriel that spoke to Mary.


If you welcome the spirit of Christmas by utilising each of these decorations you should find that your house feels much warmer and looks a lot livelier too! For more information on Christmas decorations, celebrations and more you can get in touch with us at UK Christmas World.

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