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UK Christmas World - Don't Steal All The Fun, Let The Kids Decorate The Christmas Tree

We would all love to have beautiful Christmas trees in our homes each year. For most, decorating the tree is a family affair and one that is a lot of fun. There are however a few who appreciate precision in the way their trees are decorated and often steal all the fun which in turns prevents children from trying their hand at decorting.

There are different ways in which you can tackle this without depriving children of the joys of decorating a tree. For one you can start with having two trees – the main one that you decorate on your own and a little one that can be placed in another prominent spot, like next to your front door. This little one is what can be given to the children to decorate. You could tell them that it is the first thing any guest will see, even before the large family one and that will have them motivated to work their best on it.

Another option is to have a tree that is free for all – this means that any decoration can go anywhere on the tree. You may not get the best looking tree there is but you will definitely have a very happy set of children.

Here are some ways in which you can make tree decorating fun for the children and ensure that there are no tears around. For starters let each child make a set of decorations or help you pick out a set. This has to be done in advance obviously. Don’t buy something too expensive, rather go in for something colourful, that will make them happy. For kids, the lower portions of the trees are the best places to put up decorations. You could even try giving them those spots that are not prominently displayed in the front. That is, if you are particular about the final look of your tree.

Make the whole affair a fun one. Set aside one afternoon. Let the children know in advance so that they have something to look forward to, have them on full tummies and good sleep and pop in a carols’ CD. There can be nothing more fun than watching kids decorate. After a while, boost their spirits a bit by taking a back seat and allowing them to continue with the decorating.

When do, take photos of all the decorators along with the trees and keep them for good memories.

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