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UK Christmas World Saftey Tips - Take Care When Hanging Your Outdoor Christmas Lights

Your outdoor Christmas lighting is as important as what you do on the insight. There are several people who actual conceive entire themes for their outdoors and work on a different one each year. But just as you would take precautions with your lighting on the inside, you need to be careful with the outdoors as well. Here is how you could do it.

For starters, makes sure that you do not use anything that is more than seven volts a bulb. They are definitely bigger and brighter, but the danger is that they burn hotter and are one of the primary causes of house fires in the holiday season. You should also ensure that all of your outdoor lights have an inbuilt fuse, one which is placed in the plug would be ideal. There are specific lights that are used to light up the outdoors, and you should make sure that you use those in particular. Lights meant for indoors are not designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Make sure that the lights you buy have been tested and certified by the right authorities. Find out which are the reliable ones in your area and make sure you have their seal of approval.  Those that are tested, will have the logo on the packaging. Should you have a large string of lights with a single blown bulb, make sure that you replace it with the same kind of bulb in terms of wattage.

One way to prevent any accidents from happening is to not allow your outdoor lights to be powered by your home’s feeder line. Instead of using pin tacks and nails to put up your string of lights, utilize insulated hooks instead. All your extension cords should be specifically designed for outside use. And you have to make sure that you do not hook up more than three strings of light on an extension cord.

All of your extension cords will have to be plugged a certified and protected outlet to ensure its use outside is safe. And once you are done with your decoration and the time comes for you to take it down, make sure that you do not pull on the wires or the circuits could break or so could the bulbs which are can be dangerous.

Lighting up your home for the holidays can be a fun chore as long as you ensure that it is done safely. You wouldn’t want the holiday to turn bad would you.

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