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What are LED Christmas Lights?

LED stands for ''light emitting diode'', which is basically a diode (electrical component) that conducts electricity in one direction. This electrical current excites the electrons within the diode, releasing photons we we see as light.

bundle of warm white LED lights

With LEDs the colour options are endless but when it comes to lighting up your home or garden or most popular LED lights are warm white and white. The bulbs in LED Christmas lights are typically available in many different shapes and with most Christmas lights come linked together with several strands of wire. (normally green in colour).

LED Christmas lights use at least 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and are proven to last 25 times longer.

LED lights can produce a spectrum of colour really easily and use very little electricity to do so. As they are so energy efficient they do not let any heat off making them the preferred choice of filament bulbs which over a lengthy lit period can get quite warm.

The lights are manufactured in two variations, one and two piece construction. With one piece construction the lights are none removeable as the entire bulb assembly is sealed together. Individual LED bulbs cannot be replaced if they fade or burn out.

All the LED lights we supply to our customers are made from plastic rather than glass so are less likely to break.

Caring for your LED lights after Christmas

Caring for your new LED lights after Christmas is really simple. After removing from the tree or Christmas display carefully roll the lights around a reel and place into a rigid box ready to bring out when Christmas comes again.

Large Christmas Light String Storage Reel

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