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What to do With Your Christmas Tree After Christmas

We all love our Christmas tree, and many of us opt for a real one to decorate at Christmas time. Even though they add a lovely festive feel to your home, they can be a bit of a pain. Anyone who buys themselves a real tree in December will know the repetitive chore of sweeping up dropped needles, before, during and after Christmas!

So when the festivities have been and gone, what will you do with your tree when it’s time to take it down? In this blog we aim to help you out with this, giving some top tips of how they can be disposed of and recycled.


The whole of your Christmas tree can actually be recycled (not artificial trees though!) but if you’re unsure on how to dispose of it, it is probably best that you contact your local council. They can arrange for a special collection of your real trees which usually take place during the first few weeks of January. However it can vary depending on where you live, so it is probably best that you get a hold of your local council via their website to find out when collections are in your area. 


If you don’t want to arrange for a collection like this, there are other DIY methods you might want to consider…



If you have a way of transporting the tree, you might want to take the tree to the recycling centre yourself.  If you decide to take it, make sure you remove all manmade materials such as tinsel, baubles and other decorations, and ensure that your local centre caters for ‘garden’ or ‘green’ waste.



If you’re not shy of a bit of hard work you can chop the tree up enough for it to fit into your recycling bin.  This is a great way to help the centres out who will have to undertake a similar job anyway. It is very likely that your council collects recycling, you could saw and break the tree down into chunks and branches small enough to fit into the recycling bin, try to get it to fit in a little better than this...



If you happen to live near a timber yard or know a local arborist with a wood chipper, you can ask them to chip the tree for you and make for you a bag of mulch.  It’s a brilliant resource to have in your garden, it can act as a top layer sitting on the soil to prevent evaporation and erosion. It also encourages the earth worms to move in and they’re very helpful for irrigating and maintaining your soil.


We hope this short blog has given you some handy information on how you can dispose of your used Christmas tree effectively!


Remember if you don’t fancy the hassle of a real Christmas tree next year, why not treat yourself to one of our fantastic Artificial Trees from out UK Christmas World website!

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