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What's Your Favourite Festive Tipple?

Some of the previous articles have been about keeping children happy and occupied in the run up to Christmas – who said that us adults can’t have a bit of fun? You may be the host of a Christmas party where guests need to be impressed or may just want to curl up in front of the fire on a cold, December evening. Mulled wine is probably the most popular Christmas beverage, but delve into your liquor cupboard to make these festive drinks and you will be keeping your guests (and yourself!) merry all winter.

glasses of mulled wine with christmas decorations

Mulled Wine:

This is the most popular drink to have around Christmas time, keeping you warm as you wander through the Christmas markets. Empty a bottle of red wine (it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive it is) into a saucepan and add the rind of a large orange and a lemon. Then add a bay leaf and spices such as nutmeg, all spice, cloves and cinnamon sticks, heating gently. Stir in 60g of sugar and wait until it has fully dissolved before you have a cheeky taste. In this case, less is more – you can always add more spice if necessary. Add more sugar if you wish to make it sweeter. Sloe gin can also be added. Keep on the heat for around 30 minutes which allows all of the flavours to infuse the wine. Carefully serve this tipple to your guests in glass mugs or in chunky, homely mugs. Jam jar glasses have also become very current and would be perfect to serve your mulled wine in. Dress with a slice of orange peel and a cinnamon stick.



lady holding cup of mulled wine

Sloe Gin with a touch of Fizz:

This sweet drink will be fabulous before your Christmas dinner, helping to welcome in your guests. Fill a whisky tumbler with ice. In a separate jug, pour in some sloe gin, a sugar syrup solution, the juice of a lemon and stir well. Decant this into your tumblers and top up with cream soda, which adds the bubbles and the crackle of the ice. Garnish with a few blackberries and a sprig of fresh mint. Perfect.


Pimm’s with a Punch:

A refreshing glass of Pimm’s may remind you of warm, summer evenings surrounding a barbeque. But, by adding brandy, you can transform a glass of Pimm’s into the perfect winter treat. Pour equal parts of Pimm’s and brandy (500ml) and mix with 1.5 litres of apple juice. Add this to a jug filled with ice, slices of orange and apple and cinnamon sticks: Pimm’s reinvented.


A Cosmopolitan that’s Not Just for the City:

Mix equal parts of vodka and ginger wine (500ml) with 1 litre of cranberry juice. Then add the juice of 5 limes (keep the rind for garnish) and some sliced stem ginger. Freeze your glasses beforehand to make sure that this sophisticated beverage is ice-cold. The cranberry and ginger elements of this drink really drag it into Christmas.




*Here at UK Christmas World we advise you to drink legally and responsibly.*

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