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Why Do We Have Candles at Christmas?

Candles flickering away in our windows and mantelpieces are a common sight over the festive period, but have you ever wondered why we decorate with them at Christmas?

We, like everyone else love the effect the soft glow of a candle creates at winter time, giving a cosy, homey atmosphere, and here at UK Christmas World we stock a fantastic variety of candles, tea light holders and candle bridges.

Add these relaxing qualities to your own home this year with some of our fantastic products, available all year round, and learn a little more about why we use candles at Christmas with our latest blog!


Candles were first used in ancient times during the winter solstice celebrations as a way to remember that spring would be coming again soon.

One of the first records of candles being used at Christmas was during the middle ages where a big candle was used to represent the star of Bethlehem. As Christmas is a religious Christian festival, Jesus is known as ‘the light of the world’, this is where the tradition may have started, and where the symbolism comes from.

Another of the most famous uses of candles over the Christmas period is in churches. They are a common sight during candlelit carol services, and people can easily create this peaceful, welcoming atmosphere in their very own home by placing candles in their displays.

A candle can also represent spirituality, faith and devotion, and may be common at Christmas to see 3 candles together to represent the Holy Trinity.

So whether you wish to place candles in your home for religious reasons, or whether you just enjoy the warming, twinkle they create, our UK Christmas World website can be of assistance in providing your very own festive display this year.


We have a great range of artificial candles that are a much safer option for the home if you might have children and pets around and you may be worried leaving real flames unattended. Here is our 11.5cm Flickering Candle, a realistic wax candle that is battery powered, so creates a relaxing yet safe flame to enjoy in any room of the home!

For a real wintry, festive feel why not try our Twin Pack of Festive Bark Effect Candles, that again are made from wax and look stunning at night with their flickering amber LEDs. These candles also have a fantastic timer function, meaning you can set the light on for 6 hours at night and off for 18 hours in the day time! Very easy to set up these will make a hassle free and effective addition to your display.


If a smaller tea light rather than a large candle is more to your taste, why not try our gorgeous Metal Christmas Tree Tea Light Holder? For just £9.99 this is a fantastic quality item that will fit in to all kids of décor schemes. This is a great way of adding a cosy and festive decoration to your home and comes complete with 6 battery powered tea lights!

For something a little more icy and modern, how about our stylish Set of 2 Wax Glass Candles?  This item is also available in Gold and Red so there is something to match all décor schemes! The glittered leaves give a lovely festive and wintry feel to this decoration, a wonderful addition to your current décor scheme, great for a table top or window sill.

Who doesn’t love scented candles?! These are great for appealing to a whole range of senses, not only do they add the cosy flickering effect to any room of the home, but they will also fill the air with gorgeous festive aromas too! A great value candle for just 99p our Red Apple and Cinnamon Candle is ideal for adding a seasonal atmosphere in your home this year!

If your style is a little more contemporary, why not try our Metal Copper Effect Candle Bridge that holds 15 warm white LED lights. This unique, modern design will look fantastic in any room of the home and the metallic finish will match any festive décor! This is a low voltage item that is eco-friendly and super safe to run, just more reasons why this candle bridge is a great choice!

To keep the tradition of candles going in the home why not add them to your Christmas tree? Our 16 Clip on Candle Christmas tree Lights are easily attached to your tree and will create a gorgeous, traditional vibe for your decorations this festive season. The realistic design to these lights make them a stunning addition at night and will nicely illuminate the tree and the whole room!

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