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Zero Running Costs - Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas lights are becoming more and more popular each year as households opt for a more 'green' option when looking to add a touch of festive cheer to the outside of their homes and gardens.

garden path with solar lights on stakes

As the solar technology has developed the overall quality of solar lights has moved on leaps and bounds. The majority of solar Christmas lights use LED bulbs which can be found in an array of colours from ice white to vibrant pink. The solar light market really does have something for all budgets and styles.

Solar lights begin with a solar panel which attaches to a simple ground spike. The solar panel must always be positioned in the garden where it is most likely to get more natural sunlight during the day.

As the sun beats down on the panel this charges the re-chargeable batteries housed inside the panel. As dusk falls the solar panel has a built in light sensor which automatically turns on the LED lights. Of course the brighter the day the brighter the lights will be at night and the longer they will last. On a full charge (bright sunshine for the majority of the day) the solar lights can function for up to 8 hours.


The majority of solar Christmas lights have a multi function option which can be set during the initial set up stages. Functions include effects such as 'twinkle', 'slow fade' or a 'rapid flash'. Once the function has been set for the first time this will normally automatically come on at night.

From the solar panel to the first LED light there will be a certain length of cable (lead cable), this ranges from 3 metres to 5 metres depending on the size of the light set.

Solar Christmas lights are really easy to install and an ideal way to brighten up a garden bush or tree. Simply position the LED lights evenly around the bush or tree, insert the spiked solar panel into the ground and leave to charge during the day. As night falls your garden will automatically come to life – knowing that these lights will never cost you any money, solar garden lights have zero running costs and are the eco friendly alternative to mains powered and low voltage Christmas lights.


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