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Commercial Christmas Lighting

Here at UK Christmas World we have a large supply of LED lighting which is all connectable.  

  • Connectable Light stings in white, warm white, and multicolour all static or flash 
  • Connectable festoon lighting 
  • Low voltage connectable lighting 
  • Connectable icicle lights  
  • Mains LED lighting – connect to 5,000 bulbs from a single plug – that’s 500M. 
  • 0.5M and 1M Snow tubes in packs of 5. A Downward cascade of pulsating light in ice white or warm white. 
  • A range of accessories from transformers to splitters, so you can connect from one source and attached say 5 light strings to one splitter.   

Lighting Hints and Tips 

Long gone are the days of filament lighting – the lamps ones your dad used to try and fix only to turn them on and then another lamp blew! some even caught fire! so we are all thankful for the invention of the Light-Emitting Diode – LED. They don’t get hot, work at a lower voltage and less likely to break therefore likely to withstand our UK cold and damp weather. With an average lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, LED lighting is the energy efficient choice this Christmas.  

Everything that states its 230v is designed for outdoor use. 230v is running through the electrical supply which without a transformer will blow up your product. It is very dangerous to touch at ground level so the easiest way to think of it to keep it all safe is that any 230v product with a transformer used, ‘steps the power down’ to a safe level at 24v. Any product that states its 24v means it does not need a transformer and it is safe to use.  

Any outdoor LED lighting has a very long life so it is very rare for LED to fail, if it does its usually a manufacturing fault. All our LED lighting has a 2-year guarantee, and we will replace it free of charge if it is deemed to be a manufacturing fault – although faults are very rare. From time to time one lamp does fail to light up, as long as the bulb lens has not been cracked or broken, then the light set will continue to illuminate with the exception of any individual lamps that are not working 

Tree Lighting with outdoor lights are probably the easiest and most popular of lighting installations. You can either drape light strings around the tree branches, wrap around the trunk and branches, or you can buy net lights to drape over a tree. Even adding in snowtubes to create a snow falling effect.  One thing to remember is to check the light strings have not tightly wrapped around the branches – therefore ‘strangling’ the tree growth – depending on tree growth this could be every 2- 3 years, but most definitely remove and reinstall after 5 years.  

Icicle lights are a great option or festoon in one or different colours adds an inviting look for your guests. They can be easily installed with hook attachments on the gutters or screw in hooks into the roof wall for lights to fall from. 

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