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How to Power Your Indoor Christmas Display

Christmas trees, window and door displays, are just some of our favourite ways we decorate our home over the festive period. When it comes to lighting up the inside of your home this Christmas it would be best to consider the different ways you can safely power your decorations to make sure you and your family get the most out of your lights and avoid any unnecessary accidents.

There are two types of indoor Christmas lights, mains powered and battery powered, and here at UK Christmas World we stock wide varieties of both! Whatever colour, shape or size of lights you choose it is important the best method of powering them is used.

Mains Powered Christmas Lights

There is nothing worse when it comes to putting up your lights than running out of plug space. So if you’re wanting to use a larger number of sets of lights this year, an extension cable is an essential item. Remember to check the voltage output of all your lights as to not to overload sockets and extension cables.

Here at UK Christmas World we have a selection of extension cables for your home that suit every budget, ranging from 4 to 10 extra sockets. Such as this product with 4 extra sockets available now for just £4.99.

Another great product for use with your Christmas lights are these Energy Saving Remote Sockets. Plug these into your mains sockets and then your lights into them, this product turns any electrical appliance on and off with ease, saving you energy and money. Who wouldn’t want a few extra pennies in their pocket this Christmas? And it would mean the end to reaching down the back of Christmas trees or furniture to turn off your lights! 

Do you have a large area you wish to cover with lights this Christmas? You may find an extension cable such as the one below will come in handy. These types of cables though will be brand specific, so please check it is the right one to fit your lights before buying. For example, this one belongs to the Kaemingk range and connects sets of Lumineo lights together, extending the sets of lights by 5 metres. We have many varieties of these extension cables to go with different lighting systems, they are perfect if you are looking for a simple and neat way to extend your strings of lights. Check out our range of indoor lighting accessories here.

Battery Powered Lights

Indoor lights powered by batteries are a very popular way to decorate the home. They can be easier to display than mains powered lights as you don’t have to worry about finding plugs, so these kinds of lights are very mobile and versatile. At UK Christmas World we have everything in stock to make your perfect lighting display happen.

Need some lighting inspiration? We have a fantastic range of different lights available, to check out our full stock click here, but below we have selected some of our popular options to share with you:

These 20 Battery Powered White LED lights are a popular option if you have a small area to light up, such as a display feature like a table centrepiece, they also come on a clear cable so will seem a little more discreet. 

Here is a popular option for decorating homes, that is equally as effective all year round as well as over Christmas. This 40cm Gold Pre Lit Twig is available for just £4.99 and is perfect to add some glamour to a table top, as in the image, or window display, and would look great in any room of the house!

Another great lighting solution are our Pin Wire Battery Operated Lights, which are available in a range of colours. Below are the multi coloured option which would be great for adding some vibrant colour to any home this Christmas. Because the LED’s are built into a wire they are perfect for bending into any shape you desire or displaying around part of your furniture, ornaments or other household objects you wish to illuminate. 

It’s not just fairy and string lights that can be battery operated, we have a variety of table top decorations, acrylic lighting displays and wall decorations that also can be powered from batteries. Perfect for adding a festive feel to any home these items along with many others can be viewed on our website here.


To complete your battery operated display we have many accessories available such as packs of batteries, suction cups and hooks, to help you really finish off your decorations this Christmas.

If you have any other questions our friendly members of staff will be more than happy to help you, give us a call or pop into our brand new Christmas Outlet which is now open!


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